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Take Your Database Open Source with MySQL

All large websites need some kind of database for collecting and storing customer data. This can be anything from their usernames and emails to polling or browsing information. Finding the best software for the task sounds difficult but there?s one well-known solution which is great place to start- MySQL. If it?s good enough for Facebook WordPress and Google why not use this free software which can make managing your databases easier and quicker?

The Open Source Database

MySQL is technically an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) which essentially means that it sits on your server and stores information. Because it?s open source it means that it?s totally free to use. Various developers and experts have contributed towards making it powerful and broadly compatible. The Community Server edition is free for anyone to download and use on their site. Installing it is very easy (though of course you?ll need to know about setting up websites) and it?s known for high performance scalability and strong data protection. You also have a huge support network.

Do it Your Way

MySQL is great for doing things your way as it doesn?t tie you to a particular company or platform. The software is not without detractors regarding stability issues and some rival platforms can do more but it?s certainly a popular choice for many new sites.

SELECT ... FOR UPDATE is now supported. Uncommitted record scavenging has been implemented Various bug fixes


  • SELECT ... FOR UPDATE is now supported. Uncommitted record scavenging has been implemented Various bug fixes

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. It is downloadable from mySQL website ( and tailor it to your needs in accordance with the general public license. MySQL is noted mainly for its speed, reliability, and flexibility.

MySQL has a huge range of features but here are some of the best:

  • Works on many different platforms
  • Support for many data types
  • Function names do not clash with table or column names
  • You can mix tables from different databases in the same query
  • A privilege and password system that is very flexible and secure, and that allows host-based verification
  • Full support for several different character sets
  • Up to 64 indexes per table are allowed


  • Free open source databases.
  • Massively flexible and multi-platform.
  • Used by some of the largest sites out there.


  • Heavily dependent on add-ons

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User reviews about MySQL

  • Tumelo Monageng

    by Tumelo Monageng

    I do recoomend. Very stable platform.
    Good for startups too.

  • Bhumi Mahar

    by Bhumi Mahar

    awesome server which we will used for recovring our database

  • Raja Baba

    by Raja Baba

    yes it's nice to work, mysql is superb fine and thanks for softonic., everything is in our Hands

  • pavithra g

    by pavithra g

    it is best relational database to understand the queries and work accordingly

  • sripriyatharsni kumaresan

    by sripriyatharsni kumaresan

    i think it is excellent think my recommend is that mysql can improve the bugs

  • Ashim 'D' NorthEast Vlogger &

    by Ashim 'D' NorthEast Vlogger &

    Good for Programming its good for students

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