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Help & Info about MySQL for windows

  • 1. What is MySQL?

    MySQL is a free, open source RDBMS (relational database management system) that utilizes SQL (structured query language). SQL is a language used to add, access and manage database content. The language is known for its proven reliability, quick processing, flexibility and ease of use. MySQL is a specialized database software program that makes storing and retrieving data as efficient as possible.
  • 2. What is a database program?

    A database program is essentially computer software designed to manage loads of information. The program stores the data in such a way that retrieving information becomes quick and easy. For example, if a database stores a list of buyers and their addresses, typing in and accessing data about the one millionth buyer would take the same time as retrieving information about the first customer on the list.
  • 3. What is SQL?

    SQL is a computer language supported by several database software programs. It makes accessing database data for other programs easy. Programs that need database software for handling low-level task of managing information would simply use SQL to transmit instructions.
  • 4. Do webmasters need MySQL?

    MySQL is not needed when creating websites with the help of a web editor. However, if you’re using a CMS or blogging software, the website would have to be placed on web hosts that offer a MySQL database. This database would be utilized by the software for storing all posts, web pages, etc.
  • 5. What does open source mean?

    An open source software is a program that can be used and modified by anybody. The MySQL software can be downloaded by anyone and used for free. If needed, the source code can be changed to suit specific requirements also. Moreover, the parent firm, Oracle Corporation, offers cluster and enterprise editions with extra features and support.
  • 6. Is this database tool free?

    Yes, it's free. The tool can be downloaded and run on almost all computing machines. You can use it to build custom apps and databases. The application can be continually used for free if it’s covered by the GPL license. Technical support costs may arise but they would be minimal compared to other database platforms.
  • 7. What is help and support like?

    Thanks to its open source nature, huge amounts of assistance can be found online for the database. Since the platform is extremely popular, it’s highly likely someone else had the same issue as you did and which would have been already addressed.
  • 8. How easy is the set up?

    Setting up the MySQL environment should not take more than a few clicks. The tool runs on any current-gen laptop and a companion software may have to be installed to provide the right development environments to your developers.
  • 9. Is the tool complete?

    The database would work well for almost all but it’s not necessarily the complete package. For instance, it misses certain kinds of table encryption and data vaulting solutions. Also, certain kinds of index and some types of partitioning would be missing.
  • 10. Is MySQL the best database product?

    No database product can be deemed “best” as user requirements differ. If you’re looking for features that most database developers and enterprise administrators expect, MySQL would disappoint you. But if you need something light, agile, reliable, quick to set up and a tool with necessary features, you would certainly get on-board.


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